Muffin - or not?

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Post by Sinister Frog » Sat Dec 31, 2005 9:21 pm

Too many gonads, too many renditions of various songs accompanied by the mechanical instruments

fred and darius were unable to continue with their regular lives and resorted to holding touch typing classes amongst the students of thfiner arts

these pupils realised the supid complexity, rememebering every keystroke as if it was there last

"Belle and sebastian?" they asked.
"Not likely" replied their instrucrot

McNuggets, not made of chicken, would not let their beers in


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Post by Small God Bob's Secretary » Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:36 pm

I'm just reading Small God Bob's Almanac for attacking Fidel's with frozen cod (see pp.345-347 Small God Bob's Handy Pocket Almanac with free vouchers for SuperSize upgrades to the deluxe vegetable leatherbound version). There is an addendum to using this as a method for gigglatious outcomes when umbrellas are involved. I would strongly recommend you unfreeze the cod and cook them in a rather spicy red curry paste with extra tumeric (the latter being thought to be an pateragnostic antidote to the confluence of umbrellas and giggles)before setting upon the fortunate or unfortunate Fidel. By the way Small God Bob would like you to know he can do you a lovely little number in precooked frozen cod dishes with wine (perhaps a cheeky little vintage AD 30 Reisling) if you are thinking of attacking a multitude of Fidels. Bread is an optional extra with the SuperSize Option.
Felicitations from Small God Bob's Secretary (office gossip has it that I am partial to sampling the AD 30 Riesling. This is a gross and utterly despicable suggestion as I only ever sample the Shiraz, the rouge accented tones of this grape being a colour that harmonises nicely with my fire engine red phalangeal nail polish and my firemen.....)
Small God Bob's Secretary is not responsible for any view expressed by Small God Bob due to Small God Bob's atrocious handwriting.Supreme Beings with legible handwriting (except for stone tablets left on mountains)are oxymoronic.

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Muffin - or not?

Post by ejn » Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:24 pm

The muffin thread has a very specific style, which is very difficult to summarise and describe - please feel free to try! If you'd like a go but aren't sure if it'll fit in, post it here!

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