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Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 12:41 pm
by bron
Snail wins in triathalon?
Shagged willy in tomato
Sketchy, was I there?
Soft, wet, irresponsible tomato
Sure! When it's time!
Sorry, was in tahiti
Slept with it too ...
Silly wanker is terrible
Signs written in Taiwanese
Sheep were in training
Skanky wrench in training
Stoats wear indigo t-shirts
Sly wrens inside trolleys
So what, it touched?
Spanked wolves intend trouble
Slippery wet intestines toussel
Soon will, in time ...
See, when I think ..
Shiny, when inside turkeys
Slap with internal torches
Shane? Why! It's Tony!
Show Wally inside, Tony!
Shuffle without inside truffles
Snort while interviewing Travolta
See... Why, I'm Tasty!
Sign, write it twice
Shawn without intercepting trousers
Swoop with irate tweezers
Sangria was interesting tuition
Selma writhed in tetanus
Shamus wrote Irish translations
Shazza's willy is tough
Smelly wads imitate trash
Suck wombles - if tired
Share with intreguing tarts
Simple wizzers ingest treacle
Smiling with inconguent treachery
Sinking while in transit
Swimming with irritated trolls
Smell white igloo trails
Scraping wease into troughs
Sweating with intense turnips
Shuffling wild infected wildebeast
Stinking while inappropriately turning
Starving while inadvertantly thinking
Stupid! William is tanked!
Shit! What inner tickler?
Steve? Who's is this?
Sharon? Where is Terry?
Shoot weiners in tights
Shit! well, I'm thinking...