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Der Kleidershrank

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:54 am
by garry
Ich bin laederhosen was the cry of the people that day, but who realy knew what it meant, as it was only a phony language made up during some war a long time ago. It was originally meant as a joke but continued from there, now they have gone too far there's a whole country of un-understandable people. A conspiracy I tell you, and who realy knows, well I do I cottoned on to the idea. It was originally leaked to me, from a secret source of mine, back in the 1930's who would have thought the joke could get so carried away with. But I got them back I gave them a dose of there own medicine, and then who got the funny looks, wasn't them I can tell you. It went a bit like this-siht ekil tib a tnew ti. Uoy llet nac I meht t'nsaw, skool ynnuf eht tog I tub. Htiw yawa deirrac os teg dluoc ekoj eht thguoht evah dluow ohw s'0391 eht ni kcab, enim fo ecruos terces a morf, em ot dekael yllanigiro saw ti. Aedi eht ot no denottoc I od I llew, swonk ylaer ohw dna, uoy llet I ycaripsnoc a. Elpoep elbadnatsrednu-nu fo yrtnuoc elohw a s'ereht raf oot enog evah yeht won, ereht morf deunitnoc tub ekoj a sa tnaem yllanigiro saw ti. Oga emit gnol a raw emos gnirud pu edam egaugnal ynohp a ylno saw ti sa, tnaem ti tahw wenk ylaer ohw tub, yad taht elpoep eht fo yrc eht saw nesohredeal nib hci,-
and thus the fraudulent language was found out, the poor souls couldnt take a dose of their own medicine. But loe it was too late they had been carrying out this misdemeanour unto themselves for far too long and twas too late to go back to fully comprehensable language so they continued in their bafooning clumsy manner. Never once actually knowing what anyone had ever said to anyone. Living a life of mimicry, aping out phisical actions in order to communicate what the bloody hell they wanted to communicate. We have all seen them at one time or other looking like a misunderstood individual in a comprehendable land. Mimes are a offshoot of those bloody people, thay stand out like dogs balls, in malls everywhere. Coins are thrown so as to scare them in to submission but, no, they seem to think the crowd ammassing around them actually enjoys their tomfoolery when in actuality its more like when a bird is caught and screetches other birds congregate around to see what the bloody hells wrong with the screetching bird. Sessabmud!.